Kristiyan Valchinov
Hi, my name is Kristiyan Valchinov. I am a Bulgarian graduated from High School in Canada and now getting a bachelor degree in Business Management here in Coventry, UK. I have visited 25 countries creating and capturing memories. As time went by I got a taste of many different hobbies, learned a lot of different skills. However the one that really stuck was Photography. I have always wanted to create something of value. Something beautiful and easy on the eyes. Photography turned out to be just the right fit for me. The world around us is full of ugly and blurry selfies. Knowing that a smile I’ve captured today is going to make you smile later when you see the finished picture makes me want to take another one. This is how with time photography turned from a simple hobby to my full-time favourite source of income. I became a photographer because every day I get to see how people smile at me and thus my life gets a million times better with every picture I take.